Heatherdale Children’s Home began in 1929. Since that time it has evolved and re-focussed its vision to be relevant to the changing world of young people. We are a Level 2 Child and Youth Care Centre accommodating children in need of care.


Heatherdale Children’s Home had humble beginnings, operating out of what was an old farmhouse on a spacious piece of ground made available to the church by the late Rev. T.E. Marsh (who had founded Heatherdale’s sister institution, Marsh Memorial Homes, 28 years earlier), and initially catering only for orphaned “coloured” girls. As time went by, the needs of the community changed and Heatherdale responded to these needs establishing itself as a place of safety for all children at risk from abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Heatherdale Children’s Home is a level 2 Child and Youth Care Centre in Athlone, Cape Town. It operates under the auspices of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. For many years Heatherdale has provided a safe space for vulnerable and at-risk children at risk through its residential programme. We have accommodated up to fifty (50) children, those whose homes are beset with financial difficulties, drug and alcohol problems and/or physical abuse, and who have suffered emotional trauma as a result. Through therapeutic and development programmes Heatherdale has addressed each child’s trauma and equipped them to return to their community and to a normal, healthy and independent life.

For the past number of years Heatherdale has accommodated up to fifty children, 25 boys and 24 girls, aged between 5 and 18 years of age. The children are placed in our care by the Commissioner of the Children’s Court, with a social worker testifying that their home environment places them at risk. We offer a range of comprehensive programmes that encompass areas such as life skills training, therapeutic services sporting activities, spiritual development and educational support.

What We Do

Heatherdale is going through another change, driven by the desire to be relevant to the needs of vulnerable and at-risk children in the Western Cape. In consultation with the Department of Social Development we are in the process of transitioning to a Level 2 Child and Youth Care Centre with specialised programmes in addiction and substance abuse. The Management Board has felt the need to address the major challenge of those children who are faced with substance abuse and addiction challenges, and to help them deal with these challenges while there is opportunity and possibility for changed patterns of behaviour. Application has been made to the Department of Social Development and we are awaiting their response. In the interim we continue to source funding opportunities for the exciting and challenging new programme, as well as maintain and upgrade our facilities.

Methodist Church of Southern Africa

We are a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) affiliated to the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA). The MCSA is committed to transforming the lives of people and has a clear and strong focus on children in our communities. There are a few similar Centres affiliated to the MCSA with Marsh Memorial Homes, in Rondebosch, being the other facility in the Western Cape.